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Mobile Bank Branches

There are multiple floor plans available for each of the different size Mobile Branches we offer.  You are not restricted to these floor plans.  Every Mobile Branch we design and manufacture is built around "your" particular goals for "your" Mobile Branch.

Upon request, we will send you additional pictures, samples of floor plans and a complete "Mobile Branch" Facillity description along with current pricing.

Click one of the Mobile Branch links to the left to see pictures of previousily built branches.

Mobile Branches can be outfitted with:

  • Internal Teller Windows
  • External Teller Windows
  • BR (Kevlar) walls and windows
  • Teller Pedestals / Vaults / TCDs
  • External or Internal Cash Dispensers / FF ATMs
  • ADA Compliant wheelchair lifts
  • 12V / 120V  interior & exterior lighting
  • Generator and Shore-power / auto-switched
  • Wireless Security Package including Panic Buttons
  • Cameras / DVR / Monitors
  • Wireless Data Communications incl. Satellite Options
  • Employee Restroom
  • CD / DVD / IPod Stereo Systems
  • Mini Kitchens can include Microwave, Refrigerator & Sink
  • Full selection of interior wall material, carpet, furniture finishes
  • Full selection of Awning colors and types
  • Full selection of exterior paint & graphics packages